Tapping Out of Trauma™ 1.0


Do you use tapping techniques in your sessions with clients?

Do you know what to do you when:

  • A client suddenly fills with intense emotion while recalling a traumatic event and you find yourself triggered by their unexpected outburst?
  • Tapping alone does not seem to regulate a client quickly enough?
  • A client freezes up, feels numb, without emotion and seems to disappear?
  • A client tells you on their third visit that they had not revealed that they were given a mental health condition diagnosis?
  • A client reveals that they had recently considered suicide?

Working with trauma requires advanced knowledge and skills beyond basic tapping training. While tapping produces amazing results, trauma requires a higher level of training in order to be both safe and effective.

Suzanne Fageol, CC and Craig Weiner, DC have specially designed these trauma trainings with you, the tapping practitioner, in mind. Tapping Out of Trauma™ teaches you in 8 weeks how to more effectively work successfully with clients whose lives have been affected be serious stress and trauma.

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Closing a knowledge gap with primeval biology!


One of the strengths of META-Health is that we are undogmatic. We explore and integrate new concepts to understand the soil for health on all levels.

Dr Hamer gave us a brilliant understanding of our body’s reactions to conflicts – biological and metaphorical. However, his model leaves gaps in our scope to help people understand their reactions and states – especially chronic dis-eases and the influence of our environment.

In a 90 minutes webinar on thursday, 16 february 2023, at 17:00 UTC, META-Health International Certification Trainer Kora Klapp shares fascinating research that can fill such gaps.

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Cutting-Edge Training

The MHI Trainer Collaboration has renewed and refined the set of presentation slides and exercises for META-Health Level 1 Foundation Trainings. Sari Ilvonen and Craig Weiner DC are the first to offer the updated Level 1 online!

Sociocracy – a new working structure for MHI?

On the first MHI Council meeting, Thorsten introduced the concept of sociocracy to enhance democratic decisionmaking and shared power and responsibility. Is this the MHI you want to be part of?

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Rebalance Energy Consciousness

Did you know…
When you are honoured and held within a group your needs are met from a place of deep inner knowing and understanding. It is from this place of wisdom you are truly able to access more of the inner resources that is available to you now. When you allow yourself to drop deeply into a state of complete surrender, you open yourself up to receiving everything you need and more.

There is an unexplored path that is waiting for you to journey down. One that has only recently been unveiled in such a graceful and original way. It holds within it the catalyst for you to restore areas deep within you that have been longing to be healed. With help and support from the group, there is now an opportunity to have your needs met easily and effortlessly.

Take a journey with LUCILLE WHITE
Creator of The Truth Model | Pioneer in the Evolution of Soul Consciousness
Psychic Energy Healer | Interspecies Soul Communicator

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A War around Compassion?

Our latest META-Healthy Life online magazine got the name “Breath – the Source of Life“. This was before Corona. Now, we learned that breath can be the source of death, too. Or do we?

Governments in many countries urge their citizens to protect themselves and others by social distancing and by wearing face masks. We are to consider ourselves and our breath a potential threat to our loved ones. Doubts and non-compliance with the rules and recommendations is portrayed as egoistic and uncompassionate, while politicians who demand harder restrictions are applauded by the masses.
There is a war to be won! Or is it?

A war is never won.

It always leads to “collateral damage” which can even be so harmful that the cause (here: the saving of lives) is flipped. That’s hard to swallow but that’s what the evidence is showing.

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Digesting Corona – and becoming prepared!

Read about the developments to make informed choices! (Fully referenced information)

  • The Damocles Mindset
  • Infectious Disease as a Business Model?
  • Learning from the Virus
  • META-Health and Infection
  • Courage to Live

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Corona – is there a META-view?

Yes – there are various, depending on what “constellated perception” we have!

Question: are viruses real?

Even if the term “virus” means “poison” and we wouldn’t generally subscribe to that meaning, these little sequences of information that reproduce in a hosting organism do exist. They lack certain features that microbes such as bacteria and fungi have, but inside an organism or ecosystem they are as omnipresent, and even needed for balance and self-regulation.

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Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan

META-Health International contributes to this exciting initiative of the EU Commission.

Cooperation for EU Beating Cancer Plan

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Psychological Wellbeing and Coping during Cancer Treatment – Survey

through Craig Weiner DC:

A call out for those who live in Australia and have been diagnosed with cancer who wish to Participate in Cancer Treatment Research using EFT conducted by Dr Peta Stapleton for the chance to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card
Bond University is conducting research into strategies for Psychological Wellbeing and Coping during Cancer Treatment (Ethics Reference PS00134).

If you would like to participate, we require patients* who are undergoing cancer treatment and willing to complete some questionnaires online about general health and wellbeing for our trial. We will ask you to do them twice, 4 weeks apart – and they are all online. Participation is voluntary and all information will be de-identified. The information will be used as a comparison to the intervention trial we are also conducting.

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Announcing the 10. META-Health Convention

The 10. intl META-Health Convention will take place in the romantic wine area of the Rhine in Germany, from april 17-19 2020!

In this beautiful scenery, the hotel/restaurant Weinberg-Schlösschen will accomodate and pamper us during 3 nourishing days of sharing, training and development.

The format and intention of this Convention is to train each other to spread our message in a most compelling, professional and ethical way:

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How do “We evolve Holistic Health” as META-Health practitioners?

Managing self-perception and expectations

When you market yourself as a healer, what are your expectations?
That through your practice, you’ll encounter some people for whom healing is not possible?
What do you mean when you use the word ‘healing’?
What’s your client’s definition of ‘healing’?
You may both be using the same word, but is there a shared understanding of the meaning both of you intend.

How do you manage clients’ expectations and your own?
Does that depend on what stage of the dis-ease process they are living with when they reach out to you to enquire about your services?
What about when a client has successfully worked with a META-Health approach to resolve a health condition, but a different bio-logical conflict isn’t responding as ‘successfully’, how do you reframe their expectations of healing?
How can we be our authentic Self, honour the prospective client’s journey, while upholding the reputation that META-Health as a methodology and its practitioners have, and are still working hard to cultivate?

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Open letter to Danmarks Radio


The Danish TV programme “Kontant”, which was broadcasted on November 20, gave us reason to write an open letter to Danmarks Radio.

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