META-Health – We evolve Holistic Health!

What is META-Health?

META-Health is the science, practice and art of Body-Mind-Social Health with a focus on how specific stress triggers, emotions and beliefs affect specific organ symptoms. META-Health is a methodology based on Integrative Medicine and Prevention and is practiced by all types of health professionals interested in a precise and effective Body-Mind-Social diagnosis and therapy.

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The Community

The worldwide META-Health community includes passionate professionals for integrated health from a wide range of disciplines: physicians, alternative practitioners, psychotherapists, speech therapists, physiotherapists, nurses, coaches…

For cross-border collaboration, MHI provides an internal portal with a comprehensive wiki and forums for exchange and cooperation.

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Corona – Liberty for Health

This article examines the social and economic consequences of political responses to Severe Acute Respiratory Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) within a European context. Drawing on medical perspectives, the interplay between humans and viruses is discussed, as is ways to strengthen the immune system, which is compromised by factors such as stress during prolonged periods of economic crisis. The economic impact of closing borders to destinations dependent upon tourism is illustrated in a case study on the Canary Islands. As epidemiological information is used by governments to plan and evaluate strategies to determine public health outcomes, while the epidemiology of Covid-19 is still being mapped out, this paper concludes that a measured approach to policies based on multi-disciplinary responses is required.

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