Basic principles

META-Health is using these universal principles as a powerful foundation:

  • Your bodymind is highly intelligent
  • Specific stress trigger, emotions and beliefs affect your specific organ tissues
  • Healing goes through specific points and phases

Phases and trigger points

META-Health Analysis

Let’s look at a typical symptom you might experience and consider the META-point of view. Lets look at the Organ-Stress-Emotion-Belief Connection and how specific organ tissues are related to specific stress triggers, emotions and beliefs. Understanding our body’s intelligence will allow us to discover answers to questions like:

  • Why did the symptom appear?
  • And why now?
  • What has triggered these symptoms?


Please consider this example from an actual client:

Men, 40 years young, has shoulder pain on the right side and feels totally exhausted. The pain started 3 weeks ago.

By using a few simple META-Health questions we know that this man is going through:

  • A regeneration phase (shoulder pain and feeling exhausted) of the organ: bones (shoulder) connected to a strong emotion and feeling of unworthiness (bones are related to self-worth).
  • Connected to his partner (he is right handed and symptoms are on his right-dominant side)
  • Which started to move from the stress into the regeneration phase 3 weeks ago (he felt totally stressed 3 weeks ago).
  • Because it has never happened before (acute), we can safely assume that about 6-10 weeks ago he must have experienced a stressful event (unexpected, dramatic, isolative, no strategy) connected with his partner that triggered feelings of unworthiness.
  • We also know that somehow the situation has reversed (possibly through a real-life resolution like making up with the partner) and that Bodymind are repairing and regenerating now (because the shoulder pain = organ symptom is part of the regeneration phase).
  • He is probably somewhere in the middle of the regeneration phase right now and if no relapse occurs the shoulder pain (bones) will be fully healed in a few weeks.

Pretty amazing what we know by just asking a few questions!

Integrative Approach

To support self-healing, all interventions appropriate for the individual can be undertaken. These can be mindfulness, meditation, physical therapy, nutrition, energy and quantum medicine.
To practice META-Health does not mean you should not see a doctor!
Quite the opposite, META-Health professionals want to cooperate and help conventional health care to become more effective and sustainable, looking at the individual.