Basic principles

META-Health is using these universal principles as a powerful foundation:

  • Our bodymind is highly intelligent
  • Bio-logical survival and stress strategies, regeneration and resilience are at play in our brain, nervous system and hormonal system
  • Significant emotional experiences shape our beliefs, personality and lifestyle
  • Specific individual stress triggers influence typical organ tissues and functions
  • The cycle of stress, regeneration and learning goes through distinct points and phases
  • Awareness and imagination are capabilities of our brain which can recreate meaning and reprogram bodymind’s reactions

Why am I sick?

Here’s two examples for the META-Health principles in action:

1. Border-Line

A young woman spontaneously gets pain in her underbelly and stinging pain when urinating. She is diagnosed with urinary tract infection. She has experienced this condition before several times, and it usually took her weeks to get cured.

In META-Health view, the urinary tract is connected to marking one’s territory and boundaries. The infection and stinging pain in that place are symptoms that typically occur after a stressful situation having been resolved. However, they can trigger anxiety and a depressed state which can prolong self-healing!
By assessing which challenging social situation she resolved before the onset of the symptoms, she states that she had managed to stand her ground and to enforce her right in her work environment. Becoming aware of the personal boundary theme triggering the disease is an eye-opener for her.

Having found the trigger, we can establish how intense and how long the stress phase before the resolution has been, in order to estimate the extent of regeneration phase symptoms. In her case it was an ongoing theme maintained by the belief “as a woman, I am being more restricted as my male colleagues” – by her expectations, she actually attracted the experiences confirming her belief.
Exploring the root of this belief, she finds a pattern in her family and a significant memory from her childhood where she had not been allowed to join her cousin and uncle when they went fishing. Using tapping to process the emotion and belief, she understands that she always needed to prove that she could take a position of her choice. Taking the outcome of her latest encounter as a new start, she affirms her power to choose both her goal and her way to attain it. She now looks calmly and grounded into the future.

As support on the physical level, she uses reflexology along with the antibiotics prescribed by the doctor. After only 2 days, she is pain-free and feels strong again.

2. Almost broken

Kavita Freedom tells her amazing personal healing story and explains her method on the 8. Intl META-Health Conference in Mumbai, 2017

Integrative Approach

To support self-healing, all interventions appropriate for the individual can be undertaken. These can be mindfulness, meditation, physical therapy, nutrition, energy and quantum medicine.
To practice META-Health does not mean you should not see a doctor!
Quite the opposite, META-Health professionals want to cooperate and help conventional health care to become more effective and sustainable, looking at the individual.

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pictures: Kavita Freedom, MHI