We evolve Holistic Health!

META-Health International CIC is supporting individual and global health, by deepening and sharing our understanding of how resilience and well-being are achieved!

Dan Lustig, representative in Israel, summarizes META-Health International’s purpose like this:


Core Values

  • We believe that we all have the ability to heal ourselves
  • We believe that by finding the root cause of a disease and releasing the emotions and challenging beliefs we can find a way to heal and to lessen suffering in the world
  • We are dedicated to collaborating with conventional, complementary and alternative medicine to enable us to find new and sustainable ways of healing
  • We want the knowledge about META-Health to be accessible to everyone
  • To get our message across we commit to training and supporting META-Health practitioners to the highest standards possible


We believe that awareness about what is creating resilience and life quality, will shift the current health paradigm and health practice!


Our diverse international community develops and applies the understanding of the interconnectedness of Body, Mind and Social relationships, so that we can uncover and address the root causes of physical and emotional dis-ease.


META-Health International CIC provides a global network of professionals for META-Health and integrative medicine by:

  • publishing the free online magazine META-Healthy Life to educate, convince and empower the world to create well-being
  • sharing the living knowledge-base META-Wiki as well as educative material with her members
  • co-organizing meetings and conferences for Health Professionals and for everybody interested to join our community
  • providing an online platform for research, mutual support, and sharing
  • maintaining a case database for research and study
  • defining clear standards for different competence levels and a Code of Practice for all META-Health Practitioners
  • maintaining and publishing a list of certified META-Health Practitioners ready to help you to transform dis-ease into ease and empowerment
  • informing about META-Health events and trainings around the world!


META-Health International CIC is a community-owned non profit organization with META-Health professionals as main shareholders. The shareholders elect the Board of Directors to lead the organization.

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Legal information

MHI is the legal successor of the International META-Medicine Association (IMMA) and protects the trademarks “META-Health” and “META-Medicine”.
META-Health Professionals (practitioners and trainers), who use META-Health or META-Medicine in their practice, business or in their title, obtain a license from MHI.