Community owned

META-Health International CIC is a community-owned non profit organization with META-Health professionals as main shareholders. We welcome also angel investors who want to support holistic health and integrative medicine.

Ownership in MHI

Creating a fair community where no one person controls the direction we move into, we have structured the shares in a way to enable you to have your say, without the community feeling dominated by single interest. This will maintain the integrity of the whole community.

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Classes of shares:

  1. Community shares

    available for all active META-Health professionals *
    1 share = 1 vote
    *after approval by the Board of Directors

  2. Public shares

    available for everyone who wishes to support the development of META-Health
    1 man = 1 vote

Both classes have the same full rights with respect to dividends and distributions.

Building our new community

To build a community owned company we need you to get involved, which means buying shares and becoming a shareholder. Every share you buy will enable growth of the META-Health movement.

It is only by your investment will we be able to develop META-Health International CIC into something we can all feel proud of, allowing us to confidently share our message to the world.

Have your say

Most of us feel pressured when rules and regulations are enforced without our knowledge. But, those days are now coming to an end! With a community owned and run organization your voice can and will be heard.

First, when you buy shares you will automatically be given the right to vote for the people you would like to run the business, e.g. the Board of Directors. Second, you will also be given the right to vote for what development projects you would like your investments to be used on.

20 000 EUR – our fundraising goal

20 000 EUR = 2000 shares for 10 EUR each

Investing for a good cause

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  • Would you like to see a strong META-Health brand image created?
  • Would you like your personal bio’s and contact details to be visible?
  • Would you like your products to be sold through MHI’s website?
  • Would you like the WIKI to be developed into an APP?
  • Would you like to realize META-Health research based on Practitioners’ experiences?
  • Would you like an online examination process?
  • Would you like to see new products developed through MHI?
  • Would you like your development ideas heard and realized?


We welcome YOU to invest!

3 easy steps to become a shareholder

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Step 1: Choose your shares

When you have decided that you would like to buy shares, fill in the opt-in form below. Your form will automatically be sent to the current Board of Directors for approval. You will then receive a written shareholder agreement to be signed, along with a payment request form.

Step 2: Buy your shares

When you have received your payment request form, you can make your payment directly into a META-Health International bank account. All payment options will be clearly marked out on the form.

Step 3: Own your shares

Once we have received your payment, the shares will be officially registered and your certificate will be issued. There may be a slight delay in the completion of this formal process, but you will be immediately be an active owner and contributor at this stage.

The future of META-Health International is in your hands!

Frequently asked questions about shares are answered here. You have more questions? Use the contact form to the right!

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