What is META-Health?

Dr Kwesi Anan Odum describes the essence and message of META-Health on the International Conference in Mumbai 2017:

META-Health is the science, practice and art of Body-Mind-Social Health with a focus on how specific stress triggers, emotions and beliefs affect specific organ symptoms. META-Health is a methodology based on Integrative Medicine and Prevention and is practiced by all types of health professionals interested in a precise and effective Body-Mind-Social diagnosis and therapy. META-Health Professionals are doctors, naturopaths, psychologists, nurses, therapists, counselors and health care providers.

  • META-Health is about the interconnectedness of Body-Mind-Social and the Art of Self-Healing.
  • To be META-Healthy means you are aware of your body’s intelligence, your stress triggers, emotions and beliefs affecting your organ symptoms and you take conscious actions for self-healing, personal growth and resilience.
  • META-Awareness and META-Healing is the multi-dimensional transformation process you will go through to achieve Body-Mind-Social or META-Health.

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Why META-Health?

META-Health looks at the big picture (meta point of view) of illness and health and provides you with answers to the most important questions you might have:

  • How is health created?
  • Why am I sick?
  • What has triggered my symptoms?
  • Which specific stress and emotions affect my symptoms?
  • Which specific belief and thought patterns do I need to review?
  • What can I do to heal naturally?
  • Which treatments work best for my type of illness?
  • Do lifestyle changes help me heal myself?

Surely you have asked yourself these questions many times. Get answers by consulting with a META-Health Professional.

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What has META-Health to offer for me as a therapist?

META-Health has a unique way of interpreting physical and emotional experiences, discomfort and symptoms in a bio-logical way:

  • this helps you to “read” your patients’ personality and the background of their health issue
  • this helps your patients to come into the present moment, to act much sooner on potential triggers, and to acquire resilience
  • when META-Health is integrated with your current way of healing, it will improve cost efficiency and speed of healing.

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META-Health is a holistic methodology!

Rather than being a therapeutic intervention, META-Health is an entire bio-psycho-social framework. The model contains biological data and indicative timeframes that support when any form of therapeutic intervention may be applied to benefit the whole person. This is, of course, always explored and agreed in consultation with the client. All kinds of therapy can be integrated and find their place from this position of overview.
Knowing META-Health, you will easily frame or even create tools that fit your individual client!

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