META-Health International CIC is democratic: all community members who purchase shares have voting rights. The shareholders propose and elect the Board of Directors, which is a competence team bearing the responsibility for all of MHI’s actions.

The current Board members for the term 2021/22 have been elected on MHI’s General Meeting in June 2021:

Anu Mehta

Dr Anu Mehta (India)

Board member

Representative of India
International META-Health Certification Trainer, Trainer in Information technology and Advanced Clearing Energetics

Fatma Ismail (Egypt)

Board member

Representative of the Arab countries

Robert Sefton Jai Waghmare (UK)

Board member

International META-Health Certification Trainer, Master Trainer and Developer of META-Kinetics, EFT Master Trainer & developer, BWRT Practitioner, NLP Master.
Systemic Consultant with Specialism in Systemic Therapy and Consultancy with a Background Strategic information Systems Consultancy.

Martin Hejlesen

Martin Hejlesen (Denmark)

Board member

Representative of the Danish workgroup
META-Health Master Trainer, Certification Trainer, Conflict Coach, Master Trainer TFT/EFT

Hasse Poulsen

Hans J Poulsen (Iceland)

Board member

META-Health Trainer, NLP Trainer, LAB-Profile (Language & Behaviour), ICC- Executive coach & Advanced Business influence

Thorsten Krüger (Germany)

Board member

Administrative Director
Management, IT specialist, META-Health Practitioner, NLP Practitioner

Jan O Bick (U.S.A.)

Board member

Administrative Director

Kora Klapp (Germany)

Supporting Board member

International META-Health Certification Trainer, NLP Trainer, background in physical therapy.
Editor of META-Healthy Life Online Magazine

Dan Lustig

Dan Lustig (Israel)

Advisory Board member

META-Health Certification Trainer, ACE-Trainer, specialized in Marketing

Local Suborganizations

Local communities administer their members when in need of adapted regulations and processes. Their representative is in close communication with the Board, and is responsible for the translation and distribution of all relevant information and training material.

META-Health Egypt & Arab Countries

Local representative

Dr Rehab Ghouniem (to be contacted via the contact form)

META-Health India

Local representative

Dr Anu Mehta

META-Health Japan

Local representative

Dr Miho Nonami

Committees & Focus Groups

The MHI board is supported by committees and workgroups to prepare decisionmaking and to carry out projects. Any community member as well as external forces can be involved on this level. Check and balance is the method of choice to avoid information or power monopolies and to maintain transparence.

The Certification Committee agrees upon training and examination standards for Practitioners and Trainers, and evaluates candidates and Professionals for accreditation and quality management. It consists of all accredited Certification Trainers and is open for other persons with special interest and competence.

Registered office

META-Health International CIC
63/66 Hatton Garden
Fifth Floor, Suite 23