Legal Statement

META-Health is an integrative holistic approach to healthcare based on contemporary science and experience in coaching and therapy. META-Health International consists of Practitioners and Trainers all over the world.

A Code of Practice is binding for all who work with META-Health.

The concept and practice of META-Health is based on neuroscience and psychosomatic, “bio-logical” understanding. It does not include a specific stance regarding any therapeutic or preventive practice, nor does it have any specific political or religious views.

MHI supports Practitioners with communication platforms, cooperation, legal advice and mediation. However, each Practitioner is responsible for their own practice and their communication.

META-Health International and the META-Health community do not claim that the human bodymind will heal completely by resolving conflicts only. Health and disease are multifactorial, and we find that dispositions are created already at an early age or even before birth. However, our understanding gives valuable directions in which to find the key for holistic healing. In that, META-Health professionals wish to collaborate with scientific and alternative health care providers to boost efficiency by an integrative approach that suits the individual.