MHI shares – Frequently Asked Questions

What is a MHI share?

A share is a portion of META-Health International CIC’s capital, that is divided among a number of people called investors.

What is a MHI Shareholder?

An investor who has bought MHI shares, who now owns a portion of META-Health International.

Who can invest in a portion of META-Health International CIC?

Anybody, whether he is a community member, a META-Health Professional, or an investor without other ties to META-Health, can invest in MHI shares.
A difference is made in 2 classes of shares: META-Health Professionals like Practitioners or Trainers purchase Community shares connected to one vote per share, Non-META-Health Professionals invest in Public shares connected to one vote per person.
Both classes have the same right with respect to dividends or distributions.

What is the distinction between a board member and shareholder

A shareholder is a joint owner, the Board does the management for the organization. Board members can also be shareholders.

What is my risk as a shareholder?

To become a shareholder is an investment on a very low risk level. Your only liability is to pay the amount of share capital you have signed for. E.g. you signed for 10 shares of the nominal value of 10,-€ each and have paid 100,-€ to MHI, then all your liabilities are fulfilled. There are no additional payments.

What are my advantages when being a shareholder?

You are a valued co-owner of MHI. By attending the general meetings, you are enabled to take part in decision-making by speaking and by voting. Through dividends, you take part in the success of the company.

How often will dividends be paid out, and how much?

At each annual general meeting the board will review the economic success of META-Health International to see if there is any profit.

Revenue from all sources LESS all expenses = PROFIT

35% of the profit can be paid as dividends to the shareholders, irrespective of what shares they own.

Can I acquire MHI shares other than by buying them?

Yes, voluntary work for MHI could be paid in shares instead of money.

Can I trade MHI shares?

Shares can only be sold at their nominal value, and all transfers take effect after approval by the Board of Directors. If you sell community shares to a non-community member, they become re-classified, i.e. they become public shares regarding the voting rights.

What happens to my Community shares when I don’t practice META-Health anymore?

Your shares will be re-classified to Public shares, but you will still have the right to the same dividends. You can also choose to sell your shares at their nominal value to other Practitioners or Trainers .