Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan

META-Health International contributes to this exciting initiative.

Cooperation for EU Beating Cancer Plan

As a member of the EU Transparence Network, we want to add or emphasize following points to the roadmap:

• Raising awareness for psychosomatic priming and factors contributing to cancer development
• Assessment of predisposition for general or specific cancer development based on priming of lifestyle and sensitivity for specific stressors
• General and individual strategies for stress and lifestyle management
• Importance of social contact and social support
• Importance of contact to natural environment
• Implications for politics (mindfulness techniques taught in schools, mixed ages in homes, dedicated groups, gardening projects, LETS & basic income, accompanying medical treatment with coaching for emotional relief, fund psychosomatic research)

• Awareness for the importance of individual therapy choices, for dignity
• Awareness for self-healing capacity, placebo and nocebo effects
• Importance of psychosomatic support for overview, meaningfulness, emotion & thought management, self-esteem
• Significance of simple aids by breathing techniques, exercise, energy psychology methods
• Free research and free therapy are required

Life quality
• Focus on the whole being, not the disease, for dignity
• The importance of hope through meaningfulness and positive experience for manageability of symptoms
• The significance of simple aids by energy psychology methods, breathing techniques, exercise
• The importance of social contact and social support
• The importance of contact to natural environment
• Awareness for different needs in individuals

Do you have own experiences, needs, wishes for the roadmap to be included? In the public consultation, personal feedback an be given until 7th of may 2020.

Picture by Michal Jarmoluk via Pixabay

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