Rebalance Energy Consciousness

Online GROUP INVITATION – Tues, 1 June 2021

All Female Group

13 Centres of Energy Consciousness (AKA Chakras)


Did you know…

When you are honoured and held within a group your needs are met from a place of deep inner knowing and understanding.  It is from this place of wisdom you are truly able to access more of the inner resources that is available to you now.  When you allow yourself to drop deeply into a state of complete surrender, you open yourself up to receiving everything you need and more.

There is an unexplored path that is waiting for you to journey down.  One that has only recently been unveiled in such a graceful and original way.  It holds within it the catalyst for you to restore areas deep within you that have been longing to be healed.  With help and support from the group, there is now an opportunity to have your needs met easily and effortlessly.


Take a journey with LUCILLE WHITE

Creator of The Truth Model | Pioneer in the Evolution of Soul Consciousness
Psychic Energy Healer | Interspecies Soul Communicator

  • 1 Hour Once a Week  | 13 Weeks
  • Rebalance One Energy Centre Per Week
  • Receive Channelled Energetic Symbols & Messages
  • Be Guided Through Bespoke Interactive Energy Code
  • Psychic Healing on the Group Energetic Field
  • No Pre-Recorded Material
  • Receive All Post-Recorded Group Material


Lucille will be running a series of on-line group energy activation Healing sessions comprising of 13 session in each series. People of similar consciousness, values / beliefs or resonance will be grouped together in order to maintain the integrity and coherence of the groups.


How does it work?

Once a week the group will meet Lucille via a zoom call lasting on average for one hour. If you aren’t able to attend a session all material will be recorded and sent out to you.

During the session Lucille will tune into the energy of the group, as well as tuning into the collective consciousness centre (aka chakra) for group.  She will be evaluating the energy in its current state and channelling an energetic resonance symbol and statement revealing the energetic thought form.  This first evaluation shows the energy in a stressed state, in a similar way we can identify an organ in a stressed phase.

With this information Lucille is able to channel a specific energetic script and light frequencies whereby she guides the group through an interactive energetic activation sequence.  This moves the energy from a stressed state into a normal state or healing phase. Whilst facilitating the process with the group she will be carrying out a quantum healing micro dosing light frequencies for each centre.

Each week the group will work on a different energy centre starting from the Earth Centre and moving all the way up to the Universal Centre.

Download Example of Trial Group

PDF file opens i a new tab




Lucille invites you to join a group and book a no-obligation trial session working on the first energy consciousness centre – Earth Centre. If this resonates with you, you will be invited to continue with the same group you joined.

You will have an option of joining the group via a zoom calls, or if you aren’t able to make it and would still like to try it out you will get sent a recording of the zoom session.

To maintain the energetic integrity of the group you will not be permitted to join in on the group after this trial session, or at a later stage.

The next free trial session is scheduled for Thursday, 20 May 2021, at 18:30 UK time (17:30 UTC). Please check the time converter for your local time.

Reserve your seat for the free trial session here:

    Naming your country will help us to improve the scheduling of future meetings.

    We reserve the right to check your membership status.

    STEP 2

    Sign up & pay

    After the trial session you will be invited to sign up for the next 12 weekly sessions.  Each week you will join the same group and work through a different centre weekly, in the follow order:

    1. ROOT
    2. SACRAL
    4. NAVEL
    5. HEART
    6. THYMUS
    7. THROAT
    8. 3RD EYE
    9. CROWN
    10. CAUSAL
    11. SOUL

    If you would like to join the group you have two ways of joining:

    • You join as a zoom attendee
    • You join as a remote participant (not joining the zoom call, but still energetically locked into the group.)

    The size of the group determines the price.  There is also an additional incentive to create a personalised like-minded group of your own choice.  In order to further maintain the integrity of the group Lucille will target specific groups with a similar resonance.

    Maximum of 20 people will be permitted to attend zoom calls (unlimited remote participants). Full price for zoom participants and 20% less for remote participants.

    All prices below are pre-launch discounted prices and are non-negotiable.

    Registered members of META-Health International get an exclusive discount of 10%.

    Price includes:

    • Join a closed group either via zoom calls, or receive a recording of the group session.
    • Channelled energetic symbols and messages before and after the healing.
    • Collected energetic healing carried out on the group field, done by Lucille.
    • Guided interactive hypnosis meditation facilitated by Lucille
    • A full summary of all the chakras symbols, messages and healing meditation playlist sent to you.
    • Opportunity to join future groups at a discounted rate.
    • Invitation to participate in business evolution brainstorming power groups on completion of the program.


    These sessions are designed purely to rebalance the energetic consciousness centres, it is not intended to diagnose or heal any organ diseases of the body. Although Lucille will be the one who will be facilitating the process, each individual will ultimately be responsible for their own self-healing. Lucille Takes no responsibility for anyone’s healing.

    Please note the entire process is completely Lucille’s original body of work, which forms part of The Truth Model, created and developed by Lucille. All sessions will be held and facilitated by her.   Her symbols and messages are only relevant for the group, and are not designed for 3rd party usage. If anyone outside of the group uses any of the material she will not be held accountable for the impacts they may have on their own energy field, as the material is all designed specific for the group.

    Who is Lucille White?


    • Licenced META-Health Master Coach
    • Meta-Kinetics Level 1 Practitioner
    • NLP Master Practitioner
    • Master Time Line Therapist
    • Master Hypnotherapist
    • EFT Practitioner
    • Reflexologist

    Lucille was one of the first people in the UK to qualify in Meta-Medicine 2006. A year later she met Tremayne Reiss in Heidelberg in Germany while attending a Brain Relay Diagnostics Seminar with Dr Anton Bader. At the time Tremayne was working with Alan Sales, a Master Kinesiologist and creator of Cyberkinetics. Tremayne and Lucille introduced Alan to the Meta-Medicine. Tremayne and Alan then started developing the system which Lucille named META-Kinetics. Lucille set up the first collaborative introductory training in London which included three systems: Meta-Medicine, Human Design and Meta-Kinetics.

    Lucille’s passion for diagnostics lead to the creation of The Truth Model which she spent almost 7 years developing. The Truth Model sheds light on the conflicts of the soul that linked to health issues. It was also the start of a 12-year journey for her in understanding the evolution of soul consciousness, which became most of her research and exploration. She now has different product / serves to offer under The Truth Model brand. Essentially all offer a way for people or businesses to access their own soul truth and life purpose.

    Her passion and curiosity for diagnostics didn’t stop there, as this road lead onto her doing energy diagnostics and diagnostics into the bodies energy centres or chakras. Realising this was an area that has been overlooked by most of colleagues she gave up everything to make this her sole purpose. Inspired by the imbalances within these centres and how the soul uses this as a bridge to communicate consciousness, Lucille has now started doing small group diagnostics, which she hopes to in the future start working or larger groups to have a greater impact on humanity.

    Coupled with her extensive experience in diagnostics Lucille brings something quite unique to the table whereby she has become an invaluable asset to the health and healing table. Lucille is an advanced psychic, telepath and medium with impressive healing abilities to correct energetic imbalances. She is not limited by only working with people, she is also able to tune in and communicate / heal all kinds of species, basically anything that is energy she is able to connect with and this can be done from anywhere in the world.

    She is hoping with her latest online group offering that it can be used as a personal tool for energetic alignment and a supportive tool alongside other diagnostics tools and therapies. Her adaptable attitude make her an inspiring soul to work with.

    The next free trial session is scheduled for Thursday, 20 May 2021, at 18:30 UK time (17:30 UTC). Please check the time converter for your local time.
    Reserve your seat for the trial session here:

      Naming your country will help us to improve the scheduling of future meetings.

      We reserve the right to check your membership status.

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