International META-Health professional online course

Become a META-Health professional!

Do you want to learn the scientific background of body-mind-interactions and how to integrate this knowledge in your practical work with your clients, as e.g.:

  • Doctor, naturopath, psychotherapist
  • Complementary medicine therapist
  • Nurse, physiotherapist, nutritionist
  • Chiropractor, NLP, EFT, EMDR practitioner
  • Business consultant, teacher, social worker
  • Other health professional and coach?

There’s currently no live training near to your location?

META-Health International is starting the next online course for you in november 2023!


The course will take 6 months including 24 weekly live sessions, 2 hours each. You will get reading material to prepare, and practice exercises between the group sessions. Altogether you should reckon approximately 5 hours per week (altogether 120 hours).

A special discussion forum for this course will be open for you, where you can ask more questions and share your views and your experiences. This will take place in a separated part of MHI’s members portal, so we can directly refer to relating chapters in the META-Wiki.

Course content

8 MilestonesYou will learn the META-Health methodology for self-help, coaching and therapy:

  • Understand the META-Health principles and the Organ-Stress-Emotion-Belief Connection
  • Use META-Analytics for assessing the background and development of any health issue
  • Establish stress triggers, emotions and beliefs affecting your client’s health issue
  • Learn the building blocks for efficient changework and therapy
  • Unlock people’s healing potential through META-meanings, facilitating health supporting lifestyle changes
  • Develop integrative tailor-made META-Health Action Plans for your clients

The Foundation Training material is included in this course.
After the training you’ll be ready for the certification process to become licensed as META-Health professional.

META-Health Analytics

  • Meaning and application of the Body-Mind-Social connection for stress processing
  • Points and phases in the adaptation- and in self-healing processes in practice: reaction patterns and strategies in all organ- and brain layers
  • How to uncover unconscious trauma, stress triggers, emotions and belief patterns that lead to lifestyle choices and habits
  • The logical steps of a META-Health Coaching session: Guidance for specific and comprehensive analysis and tailor-made coaching & therapy
  • Symptom examples and practical exercises of META-Health differential analysis
  • Principles of embryology, epigenetics, energy- and quantum medicine
  • Psychological symptoms and their biological background

The systematic toolkit for META-Coaching & Therapy

  • Step-by-step-guidance for therapeutic practice
  • Effective communication, rapport and sensory acuity
  • Navigating the brain to influence states and moods
  • Resourcing & activation of Self-healing properties
  • Clear emotional charge
  • Adjust beliefs and priorities
  • Motivation, goalsetting and perseverance


Examination and Certification are optional, but they will be needed if you want to practice META-Health with clients.
Theoretical examination:
There are quizzes for the theory chapters (it’s possible to take them several times).
Practical examination:
Each candidate shall do a demonstration of the Analytics process with a client, either live in class or recorded, which is reviewed and accepted by the Certification Trainer.
Each candidate shall submit 5 case studies on own or clients’ health issues, that are reviewed and discussed with the Certification Trainer.

After having fulfilled these requirements, you will receive the “Certificate of Completion Level 2”, which is needed to become a licensed META-Health Practitioner.
Read more about MHI licensing

Stories and Testimonials

The life-changing first experiences of a META-Health student

Ousaima Alghazou from Saudi Arabia shares her personal and family story after being introduced to META-Analytics – decoding our symptoms for Salutogenesis.

How META-Health helped me to decode and heal my autoimmunity

Sarah Mitkees from Egypt shares her journey and core awareness moments during her META-Health training.

Rebecca’s “Divine Pause” brought her to META-Health

Rebecca Becker from the US shares the story of finding wisdom in her body’s signals and gratitude for the META-Health community

What conventional medicine needs to learn from META-Health

Dr Walaa Zaidan from Egypt shares about her own health conditions, her belief change about healing, and the consequences she takes for herself and her patients.

Training fees

  • 1380,-€ for 24 Live meetings online, material & recordings
  • 420,-€ Examination & Certification (optional)
  • includes MHI membership fee for the ongoing year

All fees as planned in december 2022. MHI reserves the right to adapt the fees in accordance to the economic circumstances in autumn 2023.

Low income

MHI offers a 50% reduction of above fees, financed by the solidarity of the global META-Health community. No formalities but fair use, please!

Refresh and update

If you already have completed a META-Health certification training, you are welcome to participate for a voluntary donation, with valid MHI membership as precondition.

Unsure, if this course is right for you?

You can test the course for the first 3 livesessions without any obligations. If you decide to discontinue, just send an email to for cancellation. Billing for all participants who continue the course will be after the third lesson.

Updates wanted?

If you’re interested to get further informations, we can add you to the mailing list “META-Pro 2023”. Please send us a message via the contact form or by email to

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