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Accreditation or Private Use?

META-Health International is registered in the UK as a Community Interest Company for non-profit purposes, and with your membership you help us build a powerful network of integrative META-Health Professionals and ensure highest quality standards and training qualifications.

To get involved and to attend courses in META-Health does not require you to sign up with META-Health International. As a META-Health student or private user, you are paying a user fee to get access to the members’ portal with the updated and extended Organ Directory “META-Wiki” and forums for exchange and supervision.

Licensing and Quality Management

META-Health International CIC is the legal successor of the International META-Medicine Association (IMMA) and holds the trademarks “META-Health” and “META-Medicine”. META-Health professionals (practitioners, speakers and trainers) who are using META-Health or META-Medicine in their practice, businesses or titles, are licensed by MHI.

This way MHI is able to protect accredited META-Health Professionals, their services and trainings, against competitors who don’t commit to the same high standards and quality.

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MHI’s Operating costs are covered by:

  • Community contributions/user fee: this fee of of 60,-€/year replaces the former basic membership fee.

    It enables MHI to provide and maintain the members’ portal, the META-Wiki, the video channel, and administrative costs caused by legal obligations such as bookkeeping.

  • License fees: these are paid only by active Practitioners and Trainers using the trademarks for personal gain.

    This fee covers the costs of maintaining Practitioner, Trainer and event lists and common marketing, as well as support and supervision for the META-Health professionals.

    • Practitioner/Master Practitioner license: 40,-€/year in addition to the community contribution
    • Foundation Trainer license: 140,-€/year in addition to the community contribution
    • Modality Trainer license: 140,-€/year in addition to the community contribution
    • Certification Trainer license: 240,-€/year in addition to the community contribution

All membership fees will be billed at the end of the ongoing payment period – i.e. calendar year.

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End of membership

You can cancel your membership at the end of your ongoing payment period, otherwise your membership will be automatically renewed for another year. For smooth handling please contact the member support in this case. For optimizing the service for our members we appreciate your feedback.

Member support

Do you have any questions? Feel free to use the contact form on our site or to contact our support anytime by email:

support [at]

We aim to answer within 24 hours weekdays.