International META-Health professional course 2022

Are you interested to become a META-Health professional?

Do you want to learn the scientific background of body-mind-interactions and how to integrate this knowledge in your practical work with your clients, as e.g.:

  • Doctor, naturopath, psychotherapist
  • Complementary medicine therapist
  • Nurse, physiotherapist, nutritionist
  • Chiropractor, NLP, EFT, EMDR practitioner
  • Business consultant, teacher, social worker
  • Other health professional and coach?

There’s currently no live training near to your location, in consequence of Covid-19 restrictions?

META-Health International is preparing an online course for you to start in January 2022!


The course will take 6 months including 25 weekly live sessions. You should reckon approximately 5 hours per week (altogether 125 hours).

Course content

8 MilestonesYou will learn the META-Health methodology for self-help, coaching and therapy:

  • Understand the META-Health principles and the Organ-Stress-Emotion-Belief Connection
  • Use META-Analytics for assessing the background and development of any health issue
  • Establish stress triggers, emotions and beliefs affecting your client’s health issue
  • Learn the building blocks for efficient changework and therapy
  • Unlock people’s healing potential through META-meanings, facilitating health supporting lifestyle changes
  • Develop integrative tailor-made META-Health Action Plans for your clients

After the course you’ll be ready for the certification process to become licensed as META-Health professional.

META-Health Analytics

  • Meaning and application of the Body-Mind-Social connection for stress processing
  • Points and phases in the adaptation- and in self-healing processes in practice: reaction patterns and strategies in all organ- and brain layers
  • How to uncover unconscious trauma, stress triggers, emotions and belief patterns that lead to lifestyle choices and habits
  • The logical steps of a META-Health Coaching session: Guidance for specific and comprehensive analysis and tailor-made coaching & therapy
  • Symptom examples and practical exercises of META-Health differential analysis
  • Principles of embryology, epigenetics, energy- and quantum medicine
  • Psychological symptoms and their biological background

The systematic toolkit for META-Coaching & Therapy

  • Step-by-step-guidance for therapeutic practice
  • Effective communication, rapport and sensory acuity
  • Navigating the brain to influence states and moods
  • Resourcing & activation of Self-healing properties
  • Clear emotional charge
  • Adjust beliefs and priorities
  • Motivation, goalsetting and perseverance

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