Copyright and trademark infringements

In January 2019 a Danish organisation “METAsundhed Danmark” (MSD) was founded.

Of course, META-Health International is open minded for all local initiatives to support META-Health professionals in their native language.

Unfortunately MHI had to learn that the real intention of the Danish initiators was to build up a separate competetive organisation with own certification, disrespecting META-Health as intellectual property of MHI (former IMMA).

Regarding concept’s complexity all Master Trainers have thus far unanimously agreed to keep META-Health / META-Medicine as worldwide protected content, for effective quality management.

MHI has tried its best to solve the problems in Denmark with an integrative approach, but MHI and MSD could after months of negotiations and the forebearing mediation of IMMA’s former president DR. Kwesi Anan Odum not reach an agreement about MSD’s group membership in MHI.

Because of MSD’s continued copyright and trademark infringements, MHI was now forced:

  1. to disallow MSD with immediate effect to use the concept of META-Health as the intellectual property of MHI,
  2. to disallow MSD with immediate effect to use any material copyrighted by IMMA or MHI,
  3. to disallow MSD with immediate effect to use the registered trademarks METAsundhed or META-Health in the protected fields of the Nice classes 41 and 44, particularly:
    • examination and certification
    • listing of therapists
    • organisation of conferences or workshops
    • publication of books

These instructions do not affect the Danish professionals who already are members of MHI.

MHI has listed all other Danish professionals who are currently using META-Health / METAsundhed / META-Medicine in their businesses and will contact them within the next weeks to discuss compliance with the international standards. If in a single case the instant MHI membership might not be applicable for any factual reason, it is MHI’s intention to find a suitable temporary solution.

Our Danish speaking community members will find the statement in Danish here.

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