Understanding Cognitive Distortions through Art Therapy

Workshop with Dr Anu Mehta

Is it possible that our perceptions of the world are inaccurate due to our distortions?

Could these distortions be leading to our health issues?

A cognitive distortion is an irrational thought pattern that inaccurately perceives reality. These patterns are common in psychopathological states like depression and anxiety.

Dissociation can occur in varying degrees, ranging from occasional and insignificant to frequent and disruptive. Although defense mechanisms like dissociation often operate unconsciously, it’s not always possible to prevent them entirely. However, becoming aware of these tendencies through drawing can be a helpful tool in understanding and managing your current perceptions. This can also aid in addressing health concerns, as using this test can provide an effective way to comprehend your unconscious and create a better solution or support for recovery and management.

Let’s explore the various perspectives that shape our world together. We can do this by using drawing as a unique test to unveil the different ways we understand and express ourselves. Dissociation is a protective mechanism that shields us from distress by compartmentalizing our thoughts and feelings. However, relying solely on it can limit our ability to experience life fully. By engaging with our test, you can uncover your perceptions and find a path to a more integrated self.

Who can join?

  • Anyone who wants to know more about themselves to help themselves with their health concerns
  • Anyone who has completed any of the META-HEALTH training, EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, Trained psychologists and other professionals can use this test to understand their clients better to help them with their issues.

Advantages of the test

  • Art assessments help us overcome the limitations of self-report questionnaires and promote expression of the inner world through nonverbal communication channels (Brooke, 2004).
  • Art assessment is a projective test where the subjects can express their inner worlds less defensively than through questionnaires or oral interviews.

Materials Required

Papers A4 sheets, crayons and pencil colours.

Your workshop leader

Dr Anu Mehta is a META-Health Certification Trainer, EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Master Trainer, Sound Trainer, and Family & Shadow Constellator based in Mumbai, India

Charges: 100 USD

Date: 7 – 8 June 2024

Time: 15:00 – 19:00 IST
Local times around the globe here

To register for this Art workshop, please send your details to metahealthschool@gmail.com or Whatsapp at 9930898116

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