Matrix Reimprinting Training in Mumbai

Level 1&2 workshop with Dr Anu Mehta on January 25-28, 2023

Matrix Reimprinting is a collection of new cutting edge techniques created by EFT Master Karl Dawson. They combine EFT with understandings from the new biology, epigenetics and quantum science to create RAPID personal change. Karl, one of only 28 EFT Masters worldwide, has trained thousands of people globally in EFT and Matrix Reimprinting.

In 2007, a shift in awareness enabled Karl to gain a new understanding behind the causation and resolution of trauma. This new awareness, gained from extensive observation and experience with many, many different cases of emotional trauma and physical disease, has led him to create Matrix Reimprinting. Since then the technique has grown and developed. Matrix Reimprinting is based on the understanding that we hold in our energy fields the traumatic life events that have gone before, not just as memories but as specific energy bodies, which Karl has named Energetic Consciousness Holograms or ECHOs.

Similar current life experiences re-activate the old memories, bringing the thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs of the original trauma flooding back into the body and mind, causing stress and eventually leading to physical and psychological illness Matrix Reimprinting works directly with these ECHOs, not only to resolve the negative energetic charge around them but by also creating positive memories in their place. This changes our relationship to our past, and affects our emotional and physical health in the present. Matrix Reimprinting also goes hand in hand with other healing modalities such as life coaching, hypnotherapy, counselling, psychotherapy, all types of bodywork and energy work, and so on. Whatever techniques you use in your practice, having a tool that helps you to quickly transform life traumas enables the body to return from a state of stress so that healing can take place.

Benefits of Matrix Reimprinting

  • It’s a simple, gentle, easy and quick technique to work on trauma and past beliefs
  • One can easily work with dissociated clients
  • It’s a great technique to work for people who have unresolved issues with people who have passed away
  • This technique helps the client have a change in perspective.
  • Addictions/ Allergies/ Phobias
  • Psychological issues

Who can attend?

  • Anyone who has completed EFT Practitioner level
  • Someone who wants to be MR Practitioner

Your Workshop Leader

Anu Mehta, director in the board of META-Health International CIC, is Certification trainer of META-Health, trainer in the Information technology called NES-Health, and Master Trainer for Advanced Clearing Energetics in India. She also trains people in various emotion releasing techniques – sound therapy being especially dear to her heart.

4 Days of Matrix Reimprinting is from 25-28th of January, 2023.

Venue: Mumbai

Fees: 50,000/- Indian Rupees
In combination with EFT Practitioner Training 75,000/-
In combination with EFT and Past Life Reimprinting 1,00,000/-



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