Let’s talk: About the Science of Compassion

Free webinar on thursday 11th november at 18:00 Central European Time

This webinar is the pilot of a new format to get closer together and enjoy our international META-Health network. Two or more members of the META-Health Family who share interest in a special theme they want to discuss, invite the others to an interactive online meeting.

We who start are Kora Klapp from Germany and Craig Weiner from the US.

Kora Klapp
META-Health Certification Trainer

Craig Weiner
EFT Trainer & META-Health Speaker

Both are fascinated by the Autonomic Nervous System and Stephen Porges‘ work, and will take up these questions and more:

  • How does the Polyvagal Theory blend into META-Health?
  • Which reactions of the “Old Brain” and “New Brain” are shown in a new light by Porges’ findings?
  • What does this imply for the “points and phases” model in META-Health?
  • “Neuroception” – how does that relate to VAKOGS and how do we use this understanding?
  • What embryological development is crucial to both Dr Hamer’s and Dr Porges’ work, and what practical implications does it give to us as practitioners?

This 90 minutes webinar of the META-Health Pre-Convention series will enlighten us about the “Science of Compassion“, and we like to share our thoughts and experiences.


All 100 seats which are available are reserved now.

But you can register for our waiting list. If there’ll be seats available at 18:00, we’ll send the invitation link for the meeting room to the complete list. First come, first serve.

Anyway all registrants will get a link for the recording after the webinar.

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    We hope you join us at 18:00 Central European Time on november 11th!

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