About MHI

The Core of META-Health

META-Health International CIC (MHI) contains all of META-Medicine – which is the core understanding of our biological reactions upon trauma and stressors, and the adaptation and self-healing as understandable and meaningful processes with specific symptoms – and more, namely the deeper understanding of how we co-create our reality with emotions, thoughts and subjective evaluation, having been imprinted by significant experiences and by habituation.

META-Health has a methodology of acquiring and using the information necessary for understanding individual diseases, and facilitating self-healing as well as personal growth. This methodology is key to many different methods and modalities that can be used inside our common META-Health concept. These differences, and the diversity of our community, are the Flavours of META-Health.

What’s new?


The new organization form Community Interest Company gives MHI the freedom, besides the spreading of intangibles like our vision and supportive information, to do business in the interest of our community, which means to be able to fairly promote the realization of our META-Health concepts!


MHI is the legal successor of the International META-Medicine Association (IMMA) and holds the trademarks “META-Health” and “META-Medicine”. META-Health professionals (practitioners, speakers and trainers) who are using META-Health or META-Medicine in their practice, businesses or titles, are licensed by MHI.
This way MHI is able to protect accredited META-Health Professionals, their services and trainings, against competitors who don’t commit to the same standards and quality.


MHI is democratic: all Community members who sign shares in the company have the right of co-determination and. Read more about shares and projects here

MHI is lead by a board which is proposed and elected by the shareholders in regular yearly meetings. The board is a competence team carrying the responsibility for all MHI’s actions. It is supported by focus groups to run projects and to prepare decisions, and any community member, as well as outer resources, can get involved on this level. Check and balance is the desired method to avoid concentration of information and power, and to maintain transparency.

Local sub-organizations (like India, Japan) are autonomous in certain aspects, in agreement and regular communication with the MHI Board of Directors.
The use of the name “META-Health” or “META-Medicine” translated into other languages is acknowledged, when those who register these as trademarks are doing so for the benefit of the local Community, while recognizing MHI as the superordinate global organization.


The budget of MHI differentiates between annual operating costs and one-time investments for further development.
Operating costs are covered by:

  • Community contributions/user fee: this fee of of 60,-€/year replaces the former basic membership fee.
    It enables MHI to provide and maintain the members’ portal, the META-Wiki, the video channel, and administrative costs caused by legal obligations such as bookkeeping.
  • License fees: these are paid only by active Practitioners and Trainers using the trademark “META-Health” for personal gain.
    This fee covers the costs of maintaining Practitioner, Trainer and event lists and common marketing, as well as support and supervision for the META-Health professionals.

    Practitioner/Master Practitioner license
    : 40,-€/year in addition to the community contribution
    Trainer license: 140,-€/year in addition to the community contribution
    Master Trainer license: 240,-€/year in addition to the community contribution

One-time investments are covered by:

  • Shares: MHI is a community-owned organization with META-Health professionals as main shareholders. For detailed information click here
  • Donations, e.g. by crowdfunding campaigns.

One-time investments are needed for development of new graphics, charts, a health portal with services and products, a video library, META-Health research, etc.

Communication and Connection

MHI uses communication and information channels mainly by emails and notifications via the server meta-health.net, by the platform www.meta-health.net with the Wiki, forums and material to share, by regular online meetings and webinars, and to the public by newsletters and by social media via the Facebook page and the Facebook group “META-Health Community
MHI co-organizes and supports regular live events such as workshops, conventions and conferences, to strengthen the community and to make contact with other interested individuals or groups.