Board of Directors

  • Kwesi Anan Odum M.D. (UK)
    Medical Doctor, Specialist in Ophthalmology, META-Health Master Trainer, Developer of META-Vision. Trainings, Workshops and Webinars in META-Vision and META-Health, Online consultations and private consultations near Birmingham.
  • Anton Bader M.D. (Germany)
    MD with private practice near Heidelberg, META-Health Master Trainer, Brain Relay Diagnostics Expert
  • Lars Mygind (Denmark)
    Psychotherapist, META-Health Master Trainer
  • Diana Stefani-Hunyadi M.D. (USA)
    Medical doctor, Biotech, Trainings and Private Practice, META-Health Master Trainer
  • Robert Whagmare (UK)
    META-Health Master Trainer & Developer, EFT Master Trainer and Practitioner
  • Kora Klapp (Germany)
    International META-Health Master Trainer & Developer, NLP Trainer, background in physical therapy


  • Thorsten Krüger
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Mhelizza Valiente
    Administration and member support