Board of Directors

Anu Mehta

Dr Anu Mehta (India)

Communication Director

International META-Health Master Trainer, Trainer in Information technology and Advanced Clearing Energetics

Thorsten Krüger

Administrative Director

Management, IT specialist, META-Health Practitioner

Jan O Bick

Administrative Director


Kora Klapp (Germany)

Information Director

International META-Health Master Trainer & Developer, NLP Trainer, background in physical therapy.
Online and live coaching, trainings and mentoring
Editor of META-Healthy Life Online Magazine

Dr Ahmed Eldemellawy

Ahmed Eldemellawy M.D. (Egypt)

Medical Doctor, Master of business administration, international META-Health Master Trainer.
Self Development Consultant in “Manage The Now” Inc.
Training and managing marketing and promotion with a special interest in social online solutions. .

Lars Mygind (Denmark)

Psychotherapist, META-Health Master Trainer

Robert Sefton Jai Waghmare (UK)

Founder and MD of META-Health Academy Limited
Systemic Consultant with Specialism in Systemic Therapy and Consultancy
International META-Health Master Trainer & Developer, Master Trainer and Developer of META-Kinetics, EFT Master Trainer & developer, BWRT Practitioner, NLP Master.
With a Background Strategic information Systems Consultancy.
Runs Trainings and a Consultancy Practice in Solihull (UK) and Internationally

Lucille White

Lucille White (South Africa)

Business Evolution Consultant & Intuitive Healer
META-Health Practitioner, Developer of the Truth Model

Registered office

META-Health International CIC
Dept 1849 601 International House
223 Regent Street