Meet India’s new Master Trainer!

A Health Coach & Trainer by heart

Gita JayakumarMy name is Gita, and I am based out of Chennai, India. I offer classes and one on one sessions, both online and offline, in person, particularly working on whole body solutions that cover mental, emotional and spiritual health and well being. My power-packed and eclectic classes will help you find and implement comprehensive health solutions for your own symptoms and issues. They cover everything from nutrition and fitness to emotional, mental healing and spiritual growth. I have extensive experience and success with all sorts of health issues. My passion centres around helping people understand the power they have within them to heal and transform, to tap and harness that power, and to make use of that power in healing themselves.

My personal transformation happened when I realised that I could find my own answers to my issues and that I was in control of my life and healing. My journey into META Health came at a time in my life where I found myself becoming progressively dependent on other people for answers to my health and mind issues. With META Health, I’ve noticed a sense of empowerment emerge from within, because I had exactly what I needed all the while: a route to identifying the why and the how of falling ill, and the information on that specific domino I needed to knock if I wanted to enjoy good health. The journey was fulfilling personally, and beyond me, because it translated into a ripple effect of positivity for my clients, students and family.

A wealth of tools

Today, I have the ability to clearly see the issues beneath my clients’ symptoms and can then guide them in uncomplicated ways to move forward. META-Health Trainer,meta- ACE Master, Master Trainer EFT, Meta Health Yoga,Theta Healing, NLP, Picture Tapping, Matrix Re-imprinting, Matrix Birth Reimprinting, Root Healing, PEAT and Aspectics Trainer , Access Bars, Reiki (Grandmaster), Magnified Healing, Bach Flower Therapy, Nutrition, Yoga (teacher), Aromatherapy, Acupressure, Acupuncture, Crystal therapy, Colour therapy, Tarot Card Reading, Cartouche reading, Tarot Cards, Runes, Dowsing and Hypnosis. I have learned that the immense feelings we experience and the way we perceive our environment via our psyche, can have a profound impact on our health and disease issues.

I use my extensive background to achieve emotional and behavioural changes to create lasting improvements in your health and life. I work with the ‘health’ of your body-mind, and also the ‘health’ of your Life, which includes the ‘health’ of your relationships, your business, your finances, your whole experience in the world. I work from the perspective that when we change anything, we can change everything. I have always been interested in working with the whole being that we are – i.e., the Mind Body Spirit, and finding the energy healing approach has brought a life-time of knowledge together for me, forming a stable basis from which to work even more effectively with the issues presented in my practice.

I have a diverse approach to therapy and work intuitively with clients and the techniques I use, to tailor the sessions specifically to them. We are not only what we eat but also what we experience. It all helps to shape us, it is about how we build our inner world and how we respond to the world with health or un-health. Our feelings are very important signals from our subconscious mind. Feelings that we lock inside our bodies can create unwanted symptoms, pain and disease. Feelings that seem painful are just trying to tell us that we need to change something in our lives. Our thoughts, emotions and place in society all have an impact on our health and the quality of our lives.

New goals

In the next couple of months, I have a series of planned courses that I will be uploading on my website shortly, and sharing across social media. Classes will take place both, online and offline, and I hope to see many, many people benefiting from the incredible tool that META Health is. The first of these is on March 28 & 29, 2017, in Chennai. It is a META Health Intro level class. To know more, please write to me on

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