Stress Phase – 2 responses?

A META-Health Talk for the India Conference The editor of the META-Health Directory and co-creator of the META-Wiki, Kora Klapp, likes to review and develop our concept for compliance and richness. On the 8. META-Health Conference, Kora shared this presentation which adds another dimension and scientific findings to the META-Health Phases Model: In her first Master Class in English language on march 1st 2017, this new perception was discussed and deepened, and inspired Level 3 students as well as META-professionals.

Conference reports from Mumbai

Kwesi Anan Odum MD IMMA President The 8th META-Health Conference in Mumbai, India, hosted by Indian Master Trainer Mrs Anu Mehta was a great success. More than 120 participants from 5 continents have joined the conference and it’s supporting post conference work shops. National and international experts have presented their valuable insights and know how. The presentations and panel discussions were educating, entertaining and inspiring. The National Experts illustrated the cultural and societal conditioning behind common disease processes like diabetes, gastrointestinal-, musculo-skeletal, sexual- and mental disorders as well as the resources within the Indian people. The International Experts shared their [Read More]

Meet India’s new Master Trainer!

A Health Coach & Trainer by heart My name is Gita, and I am based out of Chennai, India. I offer classes and one on one sessions, both online and offline, in person, particularly working on whole body solutions that cover mental, emotional and spiritual health and well being. My power-packed and eclectic classes will help you find and implement comprehensive health solutions for your own symptoms and issues. They cover everything from nutrition and fitness to emotional, mental healing and spiritual growth. I have extensive experience and success with all sorts of health issues. My passion centres around helping [Read More]