Barcelona – Spirit of We Convention 2018

A vibrant city between mountains and the sea, with breathtaking views and architecture, cozy corners, music and surprises, Barcelona is the inspiring venue of the 2018 META-Health Convention.

We come together to share, discuss, include, be inspired, have fun together, and to feel the dynamic energy of giving birth to a transformed organizational structure. This event is member-focused and groundbreaking – let’s enjoy the flow!

We will stay at the four-star Eurohotel Diagonal Port right in the city, at walking distance to the beach, and have 2 luminous meeting rooms beside the terrace at our disposal. This is a great value-for-money ratio.

No Early Birds or Last Minute prices, as the event is calculated at cost price to make it simple and friendly.

Update: All rooms booked!
Enjoy the Convention’s live stream!

The organization team has succeeded to make a live stream in HD quality available. We‘ll be on stage with two cameras.

Reserve your online access now!

Sharing the Flavours of META-Health

This Convention will be unconventional: it focuses on the gathering and the flow. Therefore, there is no rigid programme, but a wealth of potential!

Preliminary Programme 25-28 oct 2018


  • Why META-Health is the key for consciousness
    Helena Kujama
  • Macular Degeneration: a wake up call to light the hidden corners of our own unique individuality
    Kwesi Anan Odum
  • Transforming addiction
    Kora Klapp
  • Like Phoenix from the Ashes: healing from injuries
    Lisbeth Lundgaard
  • Working with children
    Gitte Retbøll
  • All these years – all these hears…: Dealing with sensory conflicts
    Aliakbar Maimoon
  • A new approach dealing with complex trauma
    Sam Thorpe
  • META-Health Evolution – Benefits, Freedom and Dynamics of a community-owned organization
    Anu Mehta, Kwesi Anan Odum, Thorsten Krüger
  • Authentic healing stories and panel discussions with members


  • Certification of Master Practitioners, Experts, Trainers
  • META-Health Awards for special merits

Updating META-Health teaching to current scientific models

Workshop – Develop the Future of META-Health!

  • Hypothyroid and the Freeze reponse
    Deborah Wiggins-Hay
  • New insights from neuroscience: is the phases model sufficient? Implications from the Polyvagal Theory, fascia research and more
    Panel discussion with Kora Klapp, Lisbeth Lundgaardy and others
  • Immune system or what?! The gut brain, microbiome, lymphatics, and healing approaches to consider
    Panel discussion with Robert Waghmare, Lisbeth Lundgaard, Kora Klapp and others
  • Sharing of projects from local sub-organizations
  • Open discussion of the findings and how to integrate them in common META-Health teaching material

Live exercises in between:

  • Morning meditation for massive transformation
    Lars Mygind
  • Trauma-Releasing Exercises (TRE)
    Andrea Antela
  • Sound-healing
    Anu Mehta, Aarti Desai and Anju Sharma
  • Playing by Heart (inspired by Fred O. Donaldson)
    Kora Klapp


META-Health methodology – decoding the matrix of conflict

Workshop – develop the Future of META-Health!

  • Implying the Science of META-Health
    Robert Waghmare, Kwesi Anan Odum and others
  • Re-defining the goals, steps, and way of working in META-Health (on Practitioner, Master Practitioner levels)
  • How to use language in META-Health
    Lars Mygind
  • Discussion how to break down the methodology and how to teach it
  • Discussion: what documentation format can be adequate to collect cases valuable for META-Health research?

Extensions and tools aligned with META-Health

With live demos

  • META-Kinetics
    Robert Waghmare
  • META-Vision
    Kwesi Anan Odum
  • META-Energetics
    Ute Hirth
  • Inner Trac
    Tron Enger
  • Deep PEAT
    Tron Enger
  • Heart Alignment Process
    Sam Thorpe

Evening fun

Master Trainers will remember the fun we had in Neckarsulm Brewery.

Well, the Barcelona Beer Company offers hand-crafted seasonal beers.

Meet you there!


Workshop: Building META-Health businesses

  • Sharing of successful models
    Walter Reiner, Lars Mygind and others
  • The 2-wings organization model: where public benefit and businesses profit from each other
    Thorsten Krüger
  • Development of META-Health community marketing projects: “We evolve Health!”
  • Inspirational open discussion about tailor-made services & products addressing specific audiences
  • Open discussion: Challenges and opportunities

More Workshops

Identify your stress with help of your drawing and colour selection
Anu Mehta

Get clear answers on the emotional charge, and the readiness to release, with Inner Trac
Tron Enger

Individual Coaching

  • With META-Energetics by Ute Hirth


Booking packages

Convention plus Hotel

  • Arrival: Wednesday, Oct 24, afternoon – Departure: Sunday, Oct 28, afternoon
  • Accomodation: double room, twin room or single room
  • Duration: 3 1/2 days Convention
  • Breakfast buffet, lunch and coffee breaks

No prebooked dinners – for the freedom to discover Barcelona.

The hotel is fully booked now.

Convention only

  • 3 1/2 days Convention: Thursday, Oct 25, morning – Sunday, Oct 28, afternoon
  • Lunch and coffee breaks

Live stream online

We will send a live stream from the Convention:

Thursday, october 25, from 9:00 to 13:00 and from 15:00 to 19:00 (CEST)
Friday, october 26, from 9:00 to 13:00 (CEST)
Saturday, october 27, from 9:00 to 13:00 (CEST)
Sunday, october 28, from 9:00 to 13:00 (CET)

Please observe, that Spain will change from daylight saving time to standard time at the Convention‘s weekend.

All attendees will also get access to the recordings of the Convention, as the live stream will be technically provided as is.

We have 50 places available for 95 EUR each. First come, first serve!

Cancellation policy

Booked packages have to be cancelled in written form by email to or by fax +49 2043 4797283.

We will do our best to minimize the economic impact, if you need to cancel your booking. Therefore the real cancellation charges will be cleared after the Convention.

In accordance to the group reservation contract with the hotel, the general cancellation charges will be:

  • until June 20: 10% of the package costs
  • until August 20: 30% of the package costs
  • until September 20: 70% of the package costs
  • until October 10: 90% of the package costs
  • later or no show: 100% of the package costs

Book now!

All prices per person.

Convention plus Hotel - Double room
2 persons per room, 1 big bed

No more rooms available.
Convention's attendee(s)
580 €
Fellow traveller(s) 260 €
Convention plus Hotel - Twin room
2 persons per room, 2 single beds

No more rooms available.
Convention's attendee(s) 580 €
Fellow traveller(s) 260 €
Convention plus Hotel - Single room
1 person per room

No more rooms available.
Convention's attendee(s) 760 €
Fellow traveller(s) 440 €
Convention only
with self organized accomodation
Convention's attendee(s) 320 €
Live stream Convention's attendee(s) 95 €

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